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For The Record. Politics of Contemporary Video Culture


For the Record is a research project on the politics of video culture by Het Nieuwe Instituut. It investigates how video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation, by exposing existing realities and by imagining alternatives. The project seeks to document and reflect upon the technologies, spatial design and forms of representation deployed in video culture and live events, and uses public programs and video production as the main research methodology. The events take the form of a public recording studio, visualizing the forms production and postproduction that are deployed in video and that shape our mediated realities.

FTR#1: Reading Apesh*t




Graphic Design

Set Design



Tanja Busking

Ralph van Boeschoten

Koen Dijkstra

Eefje Vaghi

Nick van der Hout

Tanja Busking

Koos Breen

Koos Breen Jeanette Schlutter

Het Nieuwe Instituut

5:41 min


FTR#2: Performing Gender


FTR#3: K-pop Fandoms and Digital Diasporas



Video Expected This Month. Coming Soon

FTR#4: Desiging Realities



Video Expected This Month. Coming Soon

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