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Coded Matter(s): Big Bias | Stage 1


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Tanja Busking


09:42 min


How is it possible that a ‘smart’ soap dispenser does not recognize a black man’s hand? Why are predictive policing outcomes often pre-determined against minorities groups? Coded Matter(s): Big Bias is an evening program with talks and a closing lecture-performance that introduces audiences to the data-driven processes and automated technologies that are radically changing our world. There is a widely held belief that the machines we use are neutral. But the data they learn with is often fake, incomplete or exclusionary. Rather than giving us new affordances of accessibility and connectivity the problems around fake news, predictive policing and racist twitter bots show that technology also amplifies, rather than rectifies, the inequalities that exist in our society.

Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | Stage 2


Coded Matter(s): Sensing Beyond Beyond Sensing | Stage 3


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